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Sanctuary of the Nose

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There's just something about noses. They give the impression of dignity or goofiness.

There are some noses that are incredibly hot. This is a sanctuary for those noses.

What can I post here?
You can post anything you want, so long as its related to a hot nose. Whether you have icons, wallpapers, or just pictures go ahead and post. All I ask is that you remain respectful.

What if I like someone's hands? Can I post about it here?
Well, this is a sanctuary for noses. However, if hot hands comes with the package, go ahead and post it.

Can I post about female noses?
Sure! All hot noses are welcome.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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(As believed by catherinebruce)

If you'd like a button to show your lurv for the nose, here's one I made real quick.
Nose Porn, YUM!

Just link it to nose_sanctuary